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I confess that I have practically fallen in love with Anju Kitahara! (well, as much as someone can be "in love" with a cartoon character ^_^;). I also confess that I was very angry at the end of the show when she didn't get a partner. I can't understand why, she's the cutest and nicest girl on the show!

My confession: 3/11/99

When I first saw Marmalade Boy, I thought it as nothing special but a generic romantic anime. But, As I watched more and more I kinda became emotionally involved(that's not so hard for me). Everyone time something happened to one of the characters good or bad, I could feel their pain and joy. Finally I restricted myself to only watching a maximum of 2 episodes per day so I don't faint. All I want is for everyone in there to have a happy ending.Every time I think of the ending, of how they recap everything from the beginning, makes me cry happy tears for them (you know who I am talking about).




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